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Episode 84: Modern Loss with Rebecca Soffer

Episode 83: Fighting for Israel's "Chained Women"

Episode 82: When Jewish Women Talked to the Dead

Episode 81: Linke Fligl Ends With Love

Bonus Episode: A Bintel Brief: For Richer or Poorer

Can We Talk? 2021-22 Season Wrap

Episode 80: Toxic Hookup Culture in Jewish Youth Groups and Summer Camps

Episode 79: Word of the Week: Eshet Chayil

Episode 78: Word of the Week: Gaslighting

Episode 77: Word of the Week: Yenta

Episode 76: Message From Ukraine

Episode 75: Eleanor Reissa's Invisible Birthmark

Episode 74: A Half-Century of Women Rabbis

Episode 73: An Orange Belongs on the Seder Plate Like...

Episode 72: Ezrat Nashim Confronts the Rabbis

Episode 71: Bat Mitzvah at 100

Episode 70: Jane: Abortion Before Roe

Episode 69: Dara Horn: People Love Dead Jews

Episode 68: Beyond the Count: Talking to Jews of Color

Episode 67: E. Lockhart's New Jewish Superhero

Episode 66: Eye to Eye with Joan Biren

Episode 65: Regendering the Torah

Episode 64: Anita Diamant Talks Menstrual Justice

Episode 63: JIMENA: Mizrahi and Sephardi Voices

Episode 62: The Mystery of Esther Brandeau

Episode 61: Being Heumann with Judy Heumann

Episode 60: The Jewish Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Episode 59: Zohra El Fassia

Episode 58: Playing Fair with Eve Rodsky

Episode 57: Youth vs. Climate Change

Episode 56: The Light of Days: Judy Batalion

Episode 55: Breathing Lesson

Can We Talk? Fall 2020 Season Wrap

Episode 54: Mamalas: Building Jewish Families

Episode 53: Sabrina Orah Mark Writes Into Brokenness

Episode 52: Siona Benjamin's Transcultural Art

Episode 51: Alicia Svigals, Klezmer Fiddler

Episode 50: Laughing with Liz Glazer

Episode 49: Jewish Women Vote

Episode 48: A Ceiling Made of Eggshells

Episode 47: RBG in Her Own Words

Episode 46: Virtual Holidays: Lessons from our Muslim friends

Episode 45: Shofar in the Desert

Episode 44: The Nineteenth Amendment Turns 100

Can We Talk? Spring 2020 Season Wrap

Episode 43: Black Lives Matter

Episode 42: Ode to Ladino

Episode 41: Coming of Age with Judy Blume

Episode 40: Rachel Sharansky Danziger: Let My Story Go

Episode 39: Esther Safran Foer: We're Still Here

Episode 38: Joan Rivers and Treva Silverman: Partners in Comedy

Episode 37: Joan Rivers, can we talk?

Episode 36: Relearning to Wash Our Hands

Can We Talk? Spring 2020 Trailer

Episode 35: Becoming Abby Stein

Episode 34: Emily Nussbaum Likes To Watch

Episode 33: Sarah Hurwitz: From the White House to the Torah

Episode 32: Silence Helps Others Forget

Episode 31: Single Mothers By Choice

Episode 30: Women in Israeli Politics: An Election Primer

Episode 29: BRCA: A Jewish Legacy

Episode 28: The Torah at Her Fingertips

Episode 27: The Power of Women’s Anger

Episode 26: A Thanksgiving Seder

Episode 25: A Visit to Pittsburgh

Episode 24: Archiving #MeToo

Episode 23: Can We Talk? Season Wrap

Episode 22: The Red Tent: Claiming Our Place in the Story

Episode 21: TRYmester: Lifting the Silence on Infertility

Episode 20: Breaking the Sound Barrier

Episode 19: Dirty Dancing Turns 30

Episode 18: Mah Jongg Tov

Episode 17: Four Mothers: Orna’s Story

Episode 16: Women Wage Peace

Episode 15: A Day at the Met with the Mixed-Up Files

Episode 14: Making a Family

Episode 13: Borders of Love

Episode 12: A New Era for the ERA

Episode 11: Still Marching

Episode 10: Rededication

Episode 9: Sonnet for America

Episode 8: WITCH in Action

Episode 7: Women of the Wall

Episode 6: JWA at the DNC

Episode 5: “Jewish Hair”

Episode 4: Mothering

Episode 3: People of the Cookbook

Episode 2: Body of Knowledge

Episode 1: The Pilot's Pilot

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